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Facts about Montessori

Concentration Discipline Interest Cohesion Wholesome Development Montessori Education

Concentration - Montessori education offers children a maximum of spontaneity, enabling each child to reach the same or higher levels of scholastic attainment. A structured environment is a key for the child to decide what he wants to do. It fosters concentration, which leads a child towards a wholesome self-construction. Concentration means “One is with himself as much as he is with that task”.

Discipline - Montessori education helps the child achieve a high level of discipline which comes from within a child. The discipline is not imposed by an external force but is the result of a well-structured environment. The freedom offered in a Montessori environment instills independence within limits and an intrinsic sense of self-discipline within a child.

Interest - Montessori education provides each child the opportunity to work with Montessori didactic materials at his own pace. The child receives individual help and is neither pressured to keep up with others nor bored waiting for others to catch up. Each child needs his own pace, and when given, the knowledge gained is deeper.

Cohesion - Children by nature are accommodating and helpful. Montessori education supports the idea of different age group children under one roof, providing children with endless opportunities for mutual help, which is joyfully given and gratefully received.

Wholesome Development - Montessori education develops a well-integrated personality where mind, body, and spirit work collaboratively to achieve the highest level of intellect. By living as free members of a real, functioning community, children develop those fundamental social qualities that form the basis of personal fulfillment and social responsibility.